Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A pretty fall picture

The rosy glow is from the burning bush (euonymous) in the background.

(I just thought we all needed a pretty picture to look at.)

The Long Way Home

Well, it takes a long journey to come home sometimes, but it's most often a journey that teaches us a LOT about life and ourselves and the world. Wendy, when you're back on your feet, you'll be able to offer the MOST amazing lessons to other women about strength and survival and putting one foot in front of the other!!

And, to think of the awesomeness of a child raised by a woman with your qualities!! Watch out, World, here she comes!

The buzz of this part of the journey is like that first shot of really strong coffee. It will eventually wear off when you are in a place where you can fall softly and sleep soundly. And we will ALL be here!

Welcome home!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A new Zibginning

And by the way, that's short for "Zibbiboisgood's new beginning", NOT Zib ginning - as in getting Zib all ginned up.

Zib - We're sorry to learn you've taken some gut punches, but we of Knitty are thrilled to be able to help you up to your feet again. We've missed your board posts, your blog posts and your designs. We've missed the pics of your darling daughter wearing her latest Zib creation. We've missed hearing those funny stories of daily Sicilian life.

BUT, now you are home! And if it's not all good yet, it WILL be. You WILL be cared for and cared about. Please don't be afraid of telling any one of us what you need to get settled. Hey - we're not mind readers!

Just know we're happy you're back in the fold! (Fold-->sheep--->knitting) See! Just like you remember us.

And if you need to get all "ginned up", I'm sure there's someone who can facilitate that too!
I'm not sure what to say for a first post here, but I want to give a big virtual hug to Wendy and Melly. Even though I know Wendy really really really doesn't do virtual hugs.

Wendy, Some day you can write a novel about your life and it'll be an Oprah-book best seller. You'll make millions and retire to a private paradise.

Step One: Let's go home.....

As you all know by now, Wendy/Zib and Melly are back in the States. They figured they could go home to live with her Mother. That did not work out too well to say the least. I figure Zib will be blogging again in no time and will give details of their exploits of their first week or two in California.

Zib and Melly need to settle down and get Kiddo back in school. With the generous help of many in the knitting community, they will fly to Charleston, SC and live with Gary and I for however long it takes to get them into their own home. But for now, our home is their home.

So, Zib, maybe you can't go home again, but you can come here and you can call this your home. And, welcome back to the community who has missed you - KNITTERS!